Built for enquiring minds.

With our spacious and well planned outdoor area ideal for adventurous and inquisitive minds to play and explore, Hazel Orme Community Kindergarten is the perfect place to enjoy kindy and a great transition from home to the more formal school environment.

A fun and nurturing place for all.

A strong partnership with the school and regular contact with the teacher makes sure your child gets the best start to school. Hazel Orme actively encourage family members’ involvement during the school day to share with us their knowledge and special skills It is also a great opportunity to observe your child’s progression throughout the school year.

Important information

Play, learn, grow.

Through play, Hazel Orme’s friendly and experienced staff promote a hands-on, active learning environment that is carefully planned to encourage developmental growth in the areas of language, social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development. Records are kept of all the kids' work, with a folio of activities prepared and sent home at the end of each semester, along with a brief report of progress made by each individual child.

We’re community champions.

As a member of the Community Kindergartens Association of WA, the Department of Education supports us with an operating grant, the employment of teachers and education assistants, while the day-to-day running of the kindergarten is managed by a parent committee in collaboration with the teaching staff.